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Grand Brand & Co | Brand Consultant & Design

We are a Brand Consultant & Design Agency.

At Grand Brand & Co, we know branding; it’s practically our middle name.  These days, in order to engage a clients’ full attention, maintaining a well-crafted digital presence is key.  From graphic design to web development, we understand the importance of showcasing your brand online, and that it isn’t always as simple as thumbing a Tweet into existence.  Our creative team works together to carve out a digital platform where you and your brand can rise above the rest.


Think it through.

What does the future of your company look like?  What do you want it to look like?  Whether you’re seeking a lifestyle brand or a social media makeover, Grand Brand is equipped with the skill and expertise necessary to make your vision a reality.

Create value.

Good branding adds value to your business.  If your current design strategy isn’t working for you, it’s time to consider a rebrand.  The team at Grand Brand is well versed in a wide variety of branding necessities from copywriting to animation, graphic design to social media management.

Change for the better.

The advertising world is in constant flux.  Businesses wanting to stand the test of time must be willing to adapt to a dynamic system in order to endure.  At Grand Brand, we consider the face of your brand an investment in the future.  Take a look at our work to become better acquainted with our passion and prowess.


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